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Our Mission:
The Mission of the Westerville TEA Party is to Unite, Inform, Empower, and Activate Freedom-loving Citizens to peacefully achieve Greater Liberty, Lower Taxes, State Sovereignty, Fiscal Responsibility and Constitutionally limited local, state and federal governments upon which our country was founded.
The Westerville TEA Party is here to connect people in order to make a difference in our community. We provide education opportunities to the community dealing with freedom, government, personal responsibility and more.
Past Events:
The Westerville TEA Party has hosted many great speakers and topics. We have had State Representatives Seth Morgan (past) and Anne Gonzales. We discussed the basics of disaster preparedness. The group hosted a BOE candidates night. We have had numerous speakers educate us on a variety of topics.

Click here to learn more about our past meetings & events.
Our Organization:
The Westerville TEA Party operates with a board of directors to direct and approve the activities that we officially participate in. We encourage all members to attend board meetings, if they so choose, or to provide feedback at anytime. Contact us for details to attend a board meeting.
The Director shall arrange for and preside over all general activities of the group including Board of Director and Leadership meetings. The Director will issue invitations to any guests of such meetings.

Jim Burgess
9.12 Project Group Leader
The 9.12 Project Group Leader shall organize and manage all activities related to the 9.12 Project. The leader shall be responsible for meetings and activities based around the 9 principles and 12 values defined by the 9.12 Project program fundamentals.

Debbie Smith
The Westerville TEA Party is guided in our operations by a set of by-laws.

Click here to obtain a copy of our by-laws.
The Westerville TEA Party is incorporated in the state of Ohio as "Westerville TEA Party, Inc."
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